Roof Repair and Installation

In Eastern North Carolina

Your home is a significant investment, and your roof protects that investment. The right roofing can not only make sure your home is safe from the elements for years to come, but can also add value to your home and give it a unique identity. Walker Company, Inc. has a wide variety of roofing materials, from standard architectural shingles to Cedar wood shake, to slate and clay tile. Whatever your needs may be, you can be sure that we have the right roofing material to match your home and a price that can match your budget.

Contact us for an at-home estimate. We’ll come out to your home and discuss the options that are right for your home and your budget.

Expert Installation

Regardless of the roofing material you choose, remember that your roof’s lifespan and ability to hold up under the threat of severe weather are determined by the installation. The experts at Walker Company, Inc. have over 25 years of roofing repair and installation experience in Eastern North Carolina, and we won’t leave your home until we are certain the roof has been installed correctly and that any rotten or damaged wood has been replaced.

Residential and Commercial Roof Repair

Trust Walker Company, Inc. for the general repair to any roof damage that you might have. Whether your roof has been damaged due to hail, wind, water, frost, or just general exposure, we have the tools and know-how to get your roof back into shape. And if we notice any other exterior repair issues that can affect the performance of your roof, we will alert you to them and make the necessary replacements.

Explore our wide variety of roofing options. After you've chosen which material is right for your home, request an at-home estimate. We will personally make sure you are satisfied with your roof, your home, and the level of customer service you've received.


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Roofing - Wood Shake


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